Are You Afraid of the Dark? - JonTron (PART 1)

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Пре 6 година

Jon revisits some 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' Not-So-Classics. Part 1 of 2. -- Get JonTron Merch!
Jon Jafari - Head Writer/Director/Actor/Editor
Paul 'Ghoulicious' Ritchey - Writer/Cinematography/Co-Editor/Looks to the Right Guy
Dominic Moschitti - Writer/Crew/VCR Taker Guy
Nick Murphy - Real Ghost Guy
Title Cards + Halloween Intro - Michael Azzi :
JonTron Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of
Halloween Intro Music: Jerryterry -

Play station 1 Home entertainment system
Play station 1 Home entertainment system Пре 11 сати
At about 6:02 there is some one standing in the background Just saying
JT bros
JT bros Пре 3 дана
By the way its a hand not a ****
LiterallyAnF-117 Пре 4 дана
Ok, I just found out that the kid in the yellow shirt grows up to be Solo Wing Pixy, think on that for a while.
That Crazy diamond
That Crazy diamond Пре 4 дана
Na I’m not
Fluffcake Productions
Fluffcake Productions Пре 7 дана
If some creep told me that I had to solve a riddle in order to use his phone, I would smack that fatass
Sumerian Cryptoreptile
Sumerian Cryptoreptile Пре 9 дана
1:15 Good taste. \m/
Jayjet777 Пре 10 дана
Ace combat fans know that the youngest kid went on to be the top ace of the Ustian Air Force. And then Morgan boil.
Bancho Batchoy
Bancho Batchoy Пре 11 дана
good gosh, americans fail so bad that whenever they see another nationality doing something even mildly awkward they cant help pointing it out nonstop. No wonder the ENTIRE PLANET mocks americans. Disliking
Sunny Podbelsek
Sunny Podbelsek Пре 15 дана
What is the specimen really in the episode?
James_Floof Пре 17 дана
3:42 Those names reek of Quebec
Ethan Russell
Ethan Russell Пре 17 дана
I got a ad starring jontron hes making his own add revinew
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Пре 17 дана
6:12 sit in the chair , Douglath
Avalos Altair Miraos
Avalos Altair Miraos Пре 18 дана
9:38 - Don't worry, the youngest kid survived and joined the Ustio Air Force decades later.
StarLogic Пре 18 дана
Why would you shoot an innocent kid :(
Black Ice
Black Ice Пре 23 дана
goosebumps was better, had better future star power
Winter Heart
Winter Heart Пре 24 дана
Kid:"sounds like one of those riddles you can't solve." John:" yeah, like how does Kanye West keep getting awards?" That's the best damn question I've ever heard in my life that will never get an answer 🤣 (Fun fact for anyone who doesn't know what IMVU is, it's a virtual 3D chat site you make your own characters and Kanye West has his own f****** IMVU account, and he's trying to promote his music with it. 🤣)
Matias Chamorro
Matias Chamorro Пре 25 дана
in 4:29 you can see the kid who "fell" in the middle of the trees
Dimentio Master of dimensions
Dimentio Master of dimensions Пре 25 дана
2:55 it’s not blood it’s grenadine for my ice cream treats
Jackiplier12 YT
Jackiplier12 YT Пре 27 дана
I HAVE FOUND IT! THE FAMOUS "TWO KIDS GONNA DIE TONIGHT" Memes mysterious origin. God bless jontron, God of the Yelling Memes.
cloudjumper fox
cloudjumper fox Пре 27 дана
Loved this as a kid. cant wait to show my kids when there older
MarkBrickStudios Пре 27 дана
4:40 dude WTF that same kid is standing in the bushes on the left XD
Man Пре 28 дана
2:56 is that a fucking mauser c96
Remiddi Пре 28 дана
Does anyone at all notice that the taxi that’s about to crash and the car that exploded are two different cars, and that they would have phased straight through the tree?
Remiddi Пре 26 дана
Okay, I just thought Jon might have edited it in as a joke instead of showing the actual ending. Then again, medium production Canadian Nic show in the 90s
Melancholic Пре 26 дана
Thats cuz the car exploding clip is from a movie and the TV show. Its specifically the movie called Death Wish 2
frank axe
frank axe Пре 28 дана
Was that A thing
frank axe
frank axe Пре 28 дана
Where's my crap
Nuka-Cetylene Пре 29 дана
2:56 I was not expecting this from a RSpost video.
The Dragon Slayer Gamer
The Dragon Slayer Gamer Пре месец
Wait what did Jon blur out at 7:47? This is my first time seeing this show so what was it?
Jacob Schenke
Jacob Schenke Пре месец
It's just a hand in a jar
hipnotyq Пре месец
This video helped get me through depression 6 years ago. Just want to say thanks.
RiggedUp Fishing
RiggedUp Fishing Пре месец
Tough as nails kids.
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana Пре месец
Joe TheRipper
Joe TheRipper Пре месец
Watching this on halloween again
MWettengel Пре месец
Just realized that the entire setup of the opening skit is a huge Jacob's Ladder reference. Quality cinema right there.
BatCatDickBabsJayTimBabyYoda StephCassDukeDamiKate
BatCatDickBabsJayTimBabyYoda StephCassDukeDamiKate Пре месец
Is the answer to the riddle , holes ?
BatCatDickBabsJayTimBabyYoda StephCassDukeDamiKate
BatCatDickBabsJayTimBabyYoda StephCassDukeDamiKate Пре месец
Well , I suffer from nyctophobia so... Yes I am afraid of the dark
Inventa Aí
Inventa Aí Пре месец
Yeah. A lot
Kyle Dupont
Kyle Dupont Пре месец
Fire would be an acceptable answer too. You can see it. It weighs nothing and I can burn a barrel and weigh it after burning it and it will weigh less
koala201211 Пре месец
I wish you had done the Hayden Christensen episode
Waldodo Пре месец
Halloween always seems to bring out the best from Jontron. Some of my favourite episodes. Can't wait to see what he comes out with this year. Maybe just a recap of 2020... what could be scarier than that?
STAR ee Knight
STAR ee Knight Пре месец
light is the answer
Captain Energon
Captain Energon Пре месец
the thing about these episodes is that the adult actors are actually pretty damn good
Lmacncheese Пре месец
Apparently you can murder lids in moves *kills kid* and apparently you can on RSpost *kills kid*
Toby Ace
Toby Ace Пре месец
Ehs eh cehnehdiehn, I find this hilehrious.
XenoKaiju Пре месец
Wow. A Precinct 13 AND a Death Wish 2 reference! All in the same episode x).
Plot Пре месец
...everyone with glasses in that intro needs to be punched...A LOT, especially the guy who wanted to steal those VCR's
Super weird Plush
Super weird Plush Пре месец
8:09 like why vivziepop bothers to stay on Twitter What's with me and constantly talking about vivziepop
Andrew Booth
Andrew Booth Пре месец
I wish this guy was funny
Christopher Szabo
Christopher Szabo Пре месец
Christopher Szabo
Christopher Szabo Пре месец
Christopher Szabo
Christopher Szabo Пре месец
Mike M
Mike M Пре месец
Does anyone knownwhat movie the car crash is from? @9:32
Karl Doenitz
Karl Doenitz Пре месец
TheHalloween Turkey
TheHalloween Turkey Пре месец
Jon: You cant kill kids on tv Breaking bad: let me introduce myself
Nathaniel Stephen
Nathaniel Stephen Пре месец
Who’s Canadian
PixelMania Productions
PixelMania Productions Пре месец
Have you committed spook yet? Come back when you've been spooked....
Kiwi Spartan
Kiwi Spartan Пре месец
Oh look, it's a pile of bones Nice -Nyanners 2020
oninbo Пре месец
Dr Vink was a fravorite of mine as a kid. He was played by Aron Tager, who was an amazing artist. Google him and check it out, his paintings are amazing.
Sam Yelts
Sam Yelts Пре месец
What was being bleeped out? I never saw this show fully
Michael Jumbo
Michael Jumbo Пре месец
Look man this is the only time us Canadians can be mean alright don’t hate on us. 🥺
A Gay Autie
A Gay Autie Пре месец
So what was the specimen in the original? I’m guessing it wasn’t bleeped out.
TEKITOcreations Пре месец
It was a hand.
Animation Gaming
Animation Gaming Пре месец
Not any more sir
crow inc.
crow inc. Пре месец
I should've let you fall)) that was the most realistic reaction in this
app Пре месец
My dude said they was gonna crash into a tree I didn’t expect a scene out of Mad Max.
Craig Wood
Craig Wood Пре месец
rush limbaugh podcast
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Пре месец
It's october again, can we get another goosebumps/ are you afraid of the dark thing please, they both were remade into a movie so it would be nice now
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Пре месец
Or courage the cowardly dog review
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker Пре месец
Who else watches all of Jon's Halloween episodes around Halloween time every year :)! Happy Halloween!
Mike Пре месец
Anyone else here cuz holloween?
Loud Fan
Loud Fan Пре месец
One thing I’ve always wanted to see is a creepypasta TV show where each episode is about a certain creepypasta. And if someone does decide to make this happen. They better make it like this and Goosebumps. Seriously, am I the only one who’s wanted this?
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn Пре месец
Channel Zero is the closest you'll get, which adapts different Creepypasta stories each season. Unfortunately it only lasted 4 seasons.
Loud Fan
Loud Fan Пре месец
Haven’t watched this show as much as goosebumps. But my favorite episode will still always be “The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter” and mostly for one thing in it. That freaking ghost in the hallway. Forget the knight in the kid’s room and the babysitter turning into a witch. That ghost in the hall was legit creepy without a doughy and I love the way they edited his voice to actually sound like a ghost.
GyroScope Пре месец
Fun fact, this show got a 2019 remake
Ali Пре месец
- SpaceNav -
- SpaceNav - Пре месец
Who else comes make to this every halloween
Demon from the North Sea
Demon from the North Sea Пре месец
Yo buddy, still alive?
PharohBacon Пре месец
i always lose it at the picture of a real ghost joke. gets me every time.
Crev Пре месец
such a classic video. can't believe its almost 6yr. jontron should make another halloween special in this format
wanderrr r
wanderrr r Пре месец
take a shot everytime jon shits on canadians
Gypsy-Tongue Пре месец
Nice assault on precinct 13 reference
Anton Ekstrand
Anton Ekstrand Пре месец
This show was one of the highlights on television being a kid in the 90's. I especially remember the episodes with the vampire neighbours, the scary clown, and the scariest one in my opinion, the girl who got trapped in a doll house. The last one had a certain creepy, surreal atmosphere that made it linger in my mind for a long time.
Mr Ken
Mr Ken Пре месец
Are we not going to talk about how the kid that falls off the cliff is just standing in a bush in the middle of the shot at 4:40
Let's plays with Shot
Let's plays with Shot Пре месец
A hole is what it is
Medium Пре месец
It has no weight, you can see it with the naked eye, and if you put it in a barrel it makes it lighter? Isn’t it a ballon?
Garrett Seghers
Garrett Seghers Пре месец
That Obituary shirt tho 😎
Mzyxplx Пре месец
5:54 banetron
Gears4131 Пре месец
Some more fun facts: The kid in the yellow shirt also plays your wingman Pixy in Ace Combat: Zero. But oh oh the story goes further: He changed his name, grew out his hair and is now a part of a death metal band
DoomFoxofDeath Пре месец
Got sick of being dubbed over i guess. You know what the band is called?
Flamingsharkboy Пре месец
Is anyone here from 2020 October
Evan Meldrum
Evan Meldrum Пре месец
I love in canada
William Afton
William Afton Пре месец
jacy fisher
jacy fisher Пре месец
2:40 Jay Baruchel
Mr. OG
Mr. OG Пре месец
The one that scare me 😟 was scary story tell in the dark about a scarecrow
elephantfan Пре месец
The tale of the dead man's float I was afraid of. I NEVER ONCE SAW THE SHOW!!!!!!! I feel asleep in a hotel and I guess at some point during the night it came in and I was afraid of swimming for the next couple month
inspector gadget
inspector gadget Пре месец
I don't think you should say sp**k-fest Jon.
JH 501
JH 501 Пре месец
Why not
inspector gadget
inspector gadget Пре месец
as it turns out john mistook "are you afraid of the dark?" for "are you afraid of the dark-ies?"
Rhit06 Пре месец
2:47 Saying that you can't kill kids on tv 9:37
Grey OfPTA
Grey OfPTA Пре месец
I had a lawyer like Dr. Vink.
Brodie Stuhler
Brodie Stuhler Пре месец
Fire is the answer
KingBlue Пре месец
New Halloween tradition for me is rewatching old JonTron videos
anthemlog Пре месец
Here for October 2020?
Titus Eclipse
Titus Eclipse Пре месец
4:39 wtf look to the left I thought the kid fell
Saint Sacrifice
Saint Sacrifice Пре месец
4:24 lips say "That's what I thought he said"... hope that helps.
Master Oogway
Master Oogway Пре 2 месеца
helium ballon?
King Typo
King Typo Пре 2 месеца
dr. vink? da vinky?
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