BIRDEMIC: The Best Worst Movie Ever - JonTron

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Пре 8 година

THANKS to for filming!!
Special thanks to Medri Fogmatio for the CGI Jacques:

Glen Woznick
Glen Woznick Пре 11 сати
SCREAMING Пре 23 сата
Watching this feels like a fever dream. You cannot tell me that they watched this and decided that it was an OK final product.
Neutrino Пре дан
I think the movie was made by an alien who observed human civilization for only 3 days!
Mafuyu Sato
Mafuyu Sato Пре 2 дана
Dylan Hines
Dylan Hines Пре 3 дана
Oh lord it's on RSpost for rent
Funky Surgeon
Funky Surgeon Пре 4 дана
“Yeah, what are you looking for, the director? Yeah i don’t see ‘em either!” Classic Jon, classic
bradley morgan
bradley morgan Пре 4 дана
Was there a plug-in hybrid mustang available in 2012 or whenever this movie came out?
The Collector
The Collector Пре 4 дана
"Sometimes, I miss not going to the jewelry store" - Natalie's mom Apparently, she's been procrastinating her entire life XD
Cheese Coffee
Cheese Coffee Пре 4 дана
Watching this in 2020 makes it way more relevant
Captain Melvin Seahorse
Captain Melvin Seahorse Пре 5 дана
3:48 seriously 😂😂
Halden Pruitt
Halden Pruitt Пре 6 дана
This movie is made so hilariously bad. It’s painful but I can’t stop laughing.
Ellex Payne
Ellex Payne Пре 7 дана
bootleg sharknado
Bandicoot Sauce
Bandicoot Sauce Пре 8 дана
This movie is as mindless as one of those Disney rip-off 'games' by Phoenix Games.
Tesco ?
Tesco ? Пре 8 дана
Dear god someone tell me what the song is called at 10:20, I’ve been looking for this since I was 8
javier carvajal
javier carvajal Пре 8 дана
popcorn korruption
zmbdog Пре 9 дана
This movie hates numbers that aren't rounded to a ridiculous degree doesn't it? $1 million sale, $1 billion acquisition, gas @ $100/gal. Screw plausibility, if it ain't a 1 followed by zeros it ain't going in our script.
Dr Doofenshmirtz
Dr Doofenshmirtz Пре 9 дана
Birdemic: Coronavirus strikes back!
Great Eastern Railway Y14 Class
Great Eastern Railway Y14 Class Пре 9 дана
Now get ready for: BATDEMIC, sponsored by China
Subaru Пре 10 дана
Yes, that 2005 Ford Mustang is a *plug in hybrid apparently*
Dylan Пре 10 дана
This is 8+ years old and it looks like jOn hasn't even aged
zmbdog Пре 9 дана
Ikr? Every time I watch this review he looks the same! Maybe he's getting that baby blood treatment all of Hollywood swears by. 🤔
Xavier Lajoie
Xavier Lajoie Пре 10 дана
This movie has so much padding, it's bullet-proof.
JJ Пре 11 дана
Jontron predicts corona
Dylanraptor Пре 12 дана
Eye bleach, get ya eye bleach here! Free eye bleach everyone! Go to Reddit.r/eyebleach to claim yours today!
The Fox
The Fox Пре 14 дана
I said to my wife “you’re my hot Ferrari” She divorced me.
TheRedNeckGamer777 Пре 14 дана
Personally, it's up there with The Room, The Suckling, and Monsturd in terms of *so* *bad* *it's* *good* films.
Sky Con
Sky Con Пре 14 дана
According to Whitney Moore, the main actress, they had to do the love scene EIGHT TIMES!!! Also, she knew it was gonna bad. She had NO expectations, and it was STILL worse than she thought it was gonna be XD
Sam Guidry
Sam Guidry Пре 14 дана
I swear this movie made me thought the room won an Oscar
Echo_Lurker Пре 14 дана
old jontron was better
Kurt N
Kurt N Пре 15 дана
CHECK this out! They remade Birdemic with kickass VFX : @ Good Job Guys!
Nizio Cole
Nizio Cole Пре 15 дана
Anyone here again from the new corridor video
Chris Stuff By Chris
Chris Stuff By Chris Пре 15 дана
The editing for the bird attack scene was so bad I thought: Hey Jontron did you edit that?
Ashton Hranac
Ashton Hranac Пре 16 дана
Holy shit this was 8 years ago?!
Odin Di Martino
Odin Di Martino Пре 16 дана
The old man is from 2020 D:
Crab of Terror
Crab of Terror Пре 17 дана
By now, we all wish it was zombirds
Dwn33 Пре 19 дана
The old man on the bridge knew about covid mask
Cod4 Wii
Cod4 Wii Пре 19 дана
2010: Birdemic 2020: Pandemic
Kyle Пре 19 дана
I always come back to this every once in a while, it's truly a classic in RSpost history.
Timothy Hicks
Timothy Hicks Пре 20 дана
Wow I'm gonna use a line from this movie any time I run into somebody on the street I don't want to make small-talk with. "ahhh yeah I hear a mountain lion, gotta go home, you should go to, great seeing you!"
Sir Damned
Sir Damned Пре 21 дан
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MrZip420 Пре 22 дана
13:15 let's take a moment to appreciate the amount of fucks the blonde girl gives when being pointed at with a gun.
Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson Пре 22 дана
Tbf to this guy, a 4th generation plug in hybrid Ford mustang would be rarer than a ferrari... Because it doesn't fucking exist
BatCatDickBabsJayTimBabyYoda StephCassDukeDamiKate
BatCatDickBabsJayTimBabyYoda StephCassDukeDamiKate Пре 24 дана
Still a better love story than twilight....?
I Turn A Cup Over
I Turn A Cup Over Пре 25 дана
This really hits different in 2020
Kunisake Пре 25 дана
"What's that smile all about?" I love her already
Christhopher Cruzflores
Christhopher Cruzflores Пре 26 дана
The movie look like a RSpost video. Movie in 2007
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Пре 26 дана
I think this was foreshadowing 2020's future. Lol!
CurtiMongous Пре 26 дана
wait Wayne Brady was actually IN THIS MOVIE?!
Benjamin Gottlieb
Benjamin Gottlieb Пре 26 дана
My sister is autistic and has the mind of an 8 year old. If she wrote a movie I would rather sit through that than this!!!!
Benjamin Gottlieb
Benjamin Gottlieb Пре 25 дана
@Roderick Pollard lol
Roderick Pollard
Roderick Pollard Пре 25 дана
At least you can see inside the mind of an autistic child a little bit, compared to whatever the hell this is
FocusPRX Пре 27 дана
I miss the old intros.
hotman718 Пре 28 дана
the waitress looks like Billie Eilish
noo dles
noo dles Пре 28 дана
Gerting to that beach scene where the bridge troll talks and explains the movie makes the inconvenient truth shootout much, much more fitting.
dick the cat
dick the cat Пре 28 дана
Jacques is my favorite birb 🦜🦜🦜
haren249 dat boi
haren249 dat boi Пре 28 дана
Wtf is this movie
haren249 dat boi
haren249 dat boi Пре 28 дана
That mom makes me feel better about my life too jon
Rose Пре 29 дана
That granny is the best part of the whole movie
Marin Sabens
Marin Sabens Пре 29 дана
This sure didn’t age well
LeroOfTheKodiak Пре 29 дана
Is that the soundtrack to Diddy Kongs Konquest in the background? Fuck yeah
The Capitalist
The Capitalist Пре 29 дана
10:09 Can someone please explain to me why they all ran outside with coat hangers!? WHY IS NO ONE ELSE TALKING ABOUT THIS SCENE???!
PixelMania Productions
PixelMania Productions Пре 29 дана
I can make a better movie about a can of paint.
Woof Woof
Woof Woof Пре 29 дана
Huh I still have a pulse, wait it just stopped, Ight imma die now bye
mozxz Пре месец
after seeing this, I can now never say, that this (insert title of an awful movie) is the worst movie i've ever seen......because this will probably hold that title for ever
mozxz Пре месец
who here thought it was jon who photoshopped the bird scene in as a joke at 10:00 ??? because I sure did, especially with the plane sounds
Li'l Skittles
Li'l Skittles Пре месец
2020 anyone
Animations Inc
Animations Inc Пре месец
And 8 years later hes still using that strange yellow font
nuniezjorge Пре месец
is this the first movie made by artificial intelligence?
A-E Пре месец
ya know during that clapping scene I started clapping to, I shit you not
Eli Alaniz
Eli Alaniz Пре месец
Is this a student film? When he started talking about global warming it sounded like student film
Jordan Bode
Jordan Bode Пре месец
mans was wearing a mask and talking about a virus in 2012, literal prophet
fuksake Пре месец
5:32 why does that classic jontron soundbite bring me so much pleasure?
Joseph Cambio
Joseph Cambio Пре месец
“...I love my Mustang, which is a plug-in hybrid.” Yet you begin the movie by putting gas in your car. Brilliant!
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker Пре месец
Their budget was just the gas it took to fuel the car they followed all throughout the movie 😂🤣.
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker Пре месец
Lefties today would consider birdemic and the Happening masterpieces today just because their not-so-subtle environmentalism message 😂🤣.
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker Пре месец
10:40 Talking to someone during 2020 covid lockdowns 🤣😂.
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker Пре месец
Wait wait wait... Holy shit guys, Jon was the one who started the whole Oblivion NPC meme before it was even cool and commonplace! 5:25.
Alexy trekatoff
Alexy trekatoff Пре месец
Words cannot describe how funny this is
MachineGunSally Пре месец
Old man on bridge, "...and SARS" Me in 2020: *Shutters*
Pixel GamerPG
Pixel GamerPG Пре месец
Okay, so, anybody else think that this version of the intro was the best version?
Alezander Millan
Alezander Millan Пре месец
it is me or did jontron put earthbound music on the video
Kywan Battle
Kywan Battle Пре месец
Why were her feet more dirty than his?!? I noticed so late.
Ron Korenberg
Ron Korenberg Пре месец
The guy on the bridge time traveled from 2020
Snoo Lee
Snoo Lee Пре месец
Keanu Reeves look a like?
Janice Alejo
Janice Alejo Пре месец
0:06 JonTron Theme (Remix)
Aj Abercrombie
Aj Abercrombie Пре месец
I know this is an old video but in case you didn't know They came out with a second movie
the big cheese 115
the big cheese 115 Пре месец
This movie is worse than a talking cat
Sailor Jess
Sailor Jess Пре месец
1:09 Cracks me up Everytime 😅
Paul Wise
Paul Wise Пре месец
Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost Acts 2:38
Francis Karl E. Ceniza
Francis Karl E. Ceniza Пре месец
This movie is erasing my sense of logic
Fire 85 Corvin
Fire 85 Corvin Пре месец
Man Birdemic movie times were stupid
Leaky Beet
Leaky Beet Пре месец
This really was 8 years ago huh?
Mike Visby
Mike Visby Пре месец
I still don't understand why that first scene has such terrible audio compared to the rest. The audio is terrible all-around, but that first Hi was next-level bad, almost like it was done like that purposely.
People Talk Alot
People Talk Alot Пре месец
Looks like the student film my school made, nah they did better, and they had children sleeping on the shots
Daniela Carrera
Daniela Carrera Пре месец
My school projects are more believe than this!!
InAllTheWorld l
InAllTheWorld l Пре месец
This movie looks like it was made with imovie and zero experience editing
Louie Guthre
Louie Guthre Пре месец
Did you know there is a second movie of this? Its birdemic 2 resurrection or something, you should do a video on it
Caleb Jenkins
Caleb Jenkins Пре месец
The old man on the bridge warned us about SARS-Cov19. Why didn't we listen....
Ewashington 51
Ewashington 51 Пре месец
This looks more like a school project than a movie
Dreayth Пре месец
At this point we can basically rename 2020 to "Batdemic"
GFY Productions
GFY Productions Пре месец
Ok so my mom was not a bird... but she flipped the bird all the time 😎
Berserker !!
Berserker !! Пре месец
At 10:15 was the point were I finally lost it, I almost pissed myself laughing
Jëss ?????
Jëss ????? Пре месец
3:57 "Caught a big bish" lmao
mikeymikesh Пре месец
NOTHING could have prepared me for the birds starting at 10:17. How the FUCK did such sloppy editing make it into the movie? I have legit seen COMMERCIALS with better cgi than that, and I mean OLD ones.
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