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Jon Jafari - Himself
Richard McMiller - Skullboy #1
Joseph Hernandez - Hobo/Skullboy #2
Kate McGarrigle - Skullgirl
Jon Jafari - Director/Writer/Lead Editor
Sergio Emilio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer
Mike Shayne - Gaffer
Andrew Reynoso - Editor
Melanie Licata - Make-Up Artist/Special Effects
Lynell Vinuya - Production Designer
Charlotte Claw - Production Assistant
Trevor Lazinksi - Art PA
Mike Butler - Art PA
Kevin Zobronso - Literally Epic Guy
"Weight In Diamonds" Animation Infographic by Lewis "FaKanza" Bown ( FaKanza)
Intro Animation by Studio Yotta
Intro Music by ToxicxEternity (rspost.info)
JonTron Logo by Eileen Delgado (www.uber-unicorn.com/)
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Lucas Camargo Oliveira
Lucas Camargo Oliveira Пре 19 минута
This is not how we speak in Brazil
LowResGamr Пре 2 сата
I don't remember a crystal skull in any of the 3 indiana jones movies
Peremalfait Пре 7 сати
Did he use the Bassomatic in the making of Crystal Skull Vodka?
PS4sos21 Пре 11 сати
I NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have figured out if he was into the crystal skulls bs from south america. Yah know, that place where the people hadn't invented the wheel in all of human history until the white man came and brought civilization. Yeh, never would have guessed.
BrokenGod Ent.
BrokenGod Ent. Пре 12 сати
the best part about this vodka is that it's actually praised for being a really great vodka. you'd think it would be cheap... but nah. it's actually really good apparently.
Snowvador9 Пре 12 сати
After watching this video I had a dream and Jon was in it. I was trying to do a Boston accent but ended up doing a New York accent and he got angry with me
Brittain Boswell
Brittain Boswell Пре дан
I refuse to accept that this video is 2 years old
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas Пре дан
Citation is Needed on that half the population statement. About two people will get that reference. That in itself is a reference.
Mr Krabs' garbage bin
Mr Krabs' garbage bin Пре дан
William Presley
William Presley Пре дан
Got some, its vodka.... that's really it
Shapeshifting Potato
Shapeshifting Potato Пре 2 дана
You should have called luigi
TimBro Sh
TimBro Sh Пре 2 дана
21:15 wow the working coupon is tim thats ironic
Defective Dimensions
Defective Dimensions Пре 3 дана
I probably laughed harder than I should have when John said "...just filter it through you Dan." 🤣
Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson Пре 3 дана
where is he know legand says he is making his own skull into a glass skull
Zachary alves Walls
Zachary alves Walls Пре 3 дана
I swear the British museum one was fake
zane Kite
zane Kite Пре 3 дана
my question is, why haven't you uploaded
Luke Hall
Luke Hall Пре 3 дана
I love this video
This channel was a bad idea
This channel was a bad idea Пре 4 дана
I’m here only because I’m Russian
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Пре 4 дана
Jon looks more skinner here
Biggles Пре 4 дана
Dan Aykroyd: I have never seen a man so grounded, bullshit his way to borderline shitpost advertising. Just fantastic
Nahuel Cassullo Diaz
Nahuel Cassullo Diaz Пре 5 дана
“Designed with a pure spirit in mind” Yeah I’m sure, especially since kingdom of the crystal skull came out that same year 😂
Stoopid Пре 6 дана
Just drink straight alcohol at this point
Poorsadblack Man
Poorsadblack Man Пре 7 дана
"I'm.. I'm dying... I'm dying Dan you've killed me, it's over. I wish you put glycol in this because I can feel my bones melting". I was crying laughing so hard at that impression. 🤣 Burn in piss and shit in hell Larry king 🤣
Poorsadblack Man
Poorsadblack Man Пре 7 дана
Lmao fuck Danny devito. I wouldn't buy any of those bottle of piss. Not even the fucking legend, willy the Mac daddy himself nelson.
Poorsadblack Man
Poorsadblack Man Пре 7 дана
Glycol doesn't make alcohol smooth quote unquote. It's added so you can put the liquor in a freezer and chill it so it doesn't freeze solid. 🤦 I'd expect someone who drinks the shit to know what the additives actually do. I mean any low income and bartender can tell you this
Poorsadblack Man
Poorsadblack Man Пре 7 дана
Female hostess talking to Dan akroid. Your fellow colleagues,I'm sure.... Are they friends or business partners? Does she know what colleagues means or did she just use a big word by accident. Or did she just accidently expose a pyramid style structure with celebrities selling merchandise.
Maga Land Bros
Maga Land Bros Пре 7 дана
theres a zombie game that legit makes vodka radioactive as to show its bad for you
cliffitir Пре 7 дана
Newfoundland is known as the rock, but it sure as hell isnt known for any purity. lol
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei Пре 7 дана
"Sim, é delicioso" always cracks me the hell up
Caio Rezei
Caio Rezei Пре 7 дана
"Sim, é delicioso" always cracks me the hell up
Gabriel Oliver
Gabriel Oliver Пре 7 дана
crai jao n e espanhol e portugues
Noah Zork
Noah Zork Пре 7 дана
We also know that carbon.... Is a fantastic filter.... As long as you're not using it in diamond form......................🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Noah Zork
Noah Zork Пре 7 дана
Just so everyone knows.... ALLLLLLLLLL commercial vodkas are crafted in the following way... A: Order as many 375 gallon carboys of methanol as you can afford/need B: Add water
Noah Zork
Noah Zork Пре 7 дана
Gotta bounce halfway through the video but.... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!
magiloops Пре 8 дана
Is this what ghosts drink?
The Passing Static
The Passing Static Пре 8 дана
16:05 From Laughs to Spirits was RIGHT THERE
Beardless Odin
Beardless Odin Пре 8 дана
Glycol is not antifreeze. Ethylene Glycol is. That’s like saying “Sodium is a metal, salt is Sodium Chloride so when you put salt on your food it’s like eating a chain link fence for lunch. You eat fences.”
salt • 15 years ago
salt • 15 years ago Пре 8 дана
Is this the top 10’s guy?
r_03 Пре 8 дана
Yea but we do call Newfoundland the rock
The 404 Error
The 404 Error Пре 8 дана
in simple terms: it's good vodka in a crystal skull.
Yohans Cold
Yohans Cold Пре 9 дана
Why have I refused to watch your content for so long, this shit is gold.
Dave the Lemon
Dave the Lemon Пре 9 дана
Mark Angulo
Mark Angulo Пре 10 дана
I still shake at the fact that this video was made on my birthday.
Dufoth Пре 10 дана
Silent Jab at a 2016 movie that we shall not speak of.
Bo Areheart
Bo Areheart Пре 11 дана
.....They speak Portuguese in Brazil......just saying.
big willy
big willy Пре 11 дана
This is the only Channel I can come back to endlessly all the way into two years ago and it still feels like the first time
Despair Embodied
Despair Embodied Пре 11 дана
If vodka is the path to enlightenment, then I am a truly transcendent being.
Zenos Ashblade
Zenos Ashblade Пре 11 дана
That one spanish guy in Rio de Janeiro... what are the odds. lmao
Пётр Ильич Чайковский
Пётр Ильич Чайковский Пре 11 дана
Salvēte, amicīs et inimīcīs. Ego hīc est!
Thomas Giblin
Thomas Giblin Пре 11 дана
All jokes aside, this is great vodka haha
Darkus Smitty
Darkus Smitty Пре 12 дана
They really had to say they quadruple distilled vodka and filtered it through ancient flawless diamonds that'll let you see ghosts and travel across multiple dimensions? They couldn't just say I made this really strong vodka, want some?
Aidan Jones
Aidan Jones Пре 12 дана
“Don’t you bring the Navajo into this! I bet whatever they believe in makes 10x more sense than this shit”
METATRON Пре 13 дана
I literally bought a bottle of this and drank it right now. And boy let me tell you, it's some good shit.
John Jacobs
John Jacobs Пре 13 дана
9:09 “busting didn’t make us feel good” 😂
the Christian teen
the Christian teen Пре 13 дана
11:49 Alright Jon. You know a lot
Natasha Eliot
Natasha Eliot Пре 13 дана
diamonds are actually fairly cheap and common, its just that the diamond market is so strangleheld by debeers diamond co that there is barely any competition.
Natasha Eliot
Natasha Eliot Пре 13 дана
congratulations on selling pure ethanol to the general populous, I hope you like liver failure, law suits and large fires.
BootsDotEXE Пре 14 дана
He pronounces "Bottle" in such a way that you can hear an H very clearly but it can be placed anywhere in the word. Fascinating
Hansel Verta
Hansel Verta Пре 14 дана
"There has to be some other ghostbusters right?" "on second thought, dan will do"
pepe Пре 14 дана
That Larry king part 😪 rest easy
Daniel Armageddon
Daniel Armageddon Пре 15 дана
brasil does not speak spanish XD
Aw350m3 H3R0
Aw350m3 H3R0 Пре 15 дана
dude Dan akyroyd has to trolling he's gotta be one of us Quadrupleherkimerdiamondfilterednewfounlandvodka. 😆😆
Cian Mac phaidin
Cian Mac phaidin Пре 16 дана
Well dan sounds like a crystal head alright
Jake Miller
Jake Miller Пре 16 дана
“Larry is a smart man no wonder he’s survived this long.” “That one didn’t age, quite so well” RIP
SUPERVANS Пре 17 дана
Kinda wanna buy it for the bottle. Put some homemade booze in it. Something with color.
B33lz3bub_B$c Пре 17 дана
I definitely didn't drunkenly (whiskey vanilla milkshakes man) decide to start playing the tenor saxophone again whilst watching this video... I definitely didn't do it after a 10 year hiatus... and I certainly wasn't trying to cover the intro song... what are you talking about...
Chris Pinzon
Chris Pinzon Пре 17 дана
Why have you abandoned us
Frederick Obando
Frederick Obando Пре 17 дана
You are awesome, dude! I only ever known you from the ".... WHAT!" Meme. Now I'm discovering your videos and I'm truly finding them hilarious. Thanks, man! Ride on!
Dragon bean Z
Dragon bean Z Пре 17 дана
I have so many questions!
Derpboat Пре 17 дана
Jon why the actual fuck did you lubricate Dan with vodka and then make broken glass rain onto him while the ghostbusters theme song that was played from a record player straight out of hell plays in the background
Jay Scott
Jay Scott Пре 17 дана
I put colored Christmas lights in my empty skull bottle and it’s fancy
Kai Bunyak
Kai Bunyak Пре 17 дана
Uniongamers Пре 18 дана
Looks like that glycol vodka caught up to old Larry. RIP.
Danny Kriegbaum Laursen
Danny Kriegbaum Laursen Пре 18 дана
I have vodka that destil 5 times and taste worse than some of the cheap vodka I have. Yet I still want the Crystal skull for the Skull
Ronxinator Пре 18 дана
At 0:57 Jon Tron remembers the Ghostbuster 2016 reboot
dersetario. Пре 18 дана
Bluebyyou Blue
Bluebyyou Blue Пре 19 дана
No wonder John Belusi o.d'd.....hangin around this freak.
Istvan Dulo
Istvan Dulo Пре 19 дана
I hope the dude got his booze back.
Alsatiagent Пре 19 дана
Intelligence with no training in critical thinking is a sad yet potent force.
Pooh Pasinski
Pooh Pasinski Пре 19 дана
The materialistic process extremely surprise because pimple excitingly damage unlike a ill-fated gliding. efficacious, funny mailbox
Watching U FrMBhindU
Watching U FrMBhindU Пре 19 дана
It took 2 years, but crystal skull vodka finally killed Larry king
CrybabySkullY Smokes Weed
CrybabySkullY Smokes Weed Пре 19 дана
I believe in ghost but whatever he said is......... What?
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion Пре 20 дана
i still wating
Chris Warren
Chris Warren Пре 21 дан
i think hes going in a little too hard on dan. ive had the vodka before its straight.
BROK3NN Пре 21 дан
Canadian here, never heard somebody call newfoundland The Rock.
Maybe Yes
Maybe Yes Пре 21 дан
Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada Yep sounds good
Benji Todd
Benji Todd Пре 21 дан
I hate it when my ghost CRT monitor playing jimmy Fallon cums glow in the dark silly putty
Patrick Mackinder
Patrick Mackinder Пре 21 дан
I wish you put googly eyes on the crystal skull.
Delores Long
Delores Long Пре 21 дан
The aloof digger anecdotally use because capricorn explicitly amuse off a abounding israel. unwritten, aromatic bongo
Toa Arky
Toa Arky Пре 21 дан
No one uses Glycol, not since the Austrian wine poisoning incident in the 1970's.. if any company was using Glycol people would be dying of poisoning and the surviving members of the families of those people would be suing the companies who put that ingredient in it!.. *Aykroyd you're an idiot!*
upBeast Пре 21 дан
that whole Larry king segment didn't age so well
Punchysphinx 11
Punchysphinx 11 Пре 21 дан
*heavy weeding* “get the duck away from me you stupid hipster”. 👌
Annabelle Mardell
Annabelle Mardell Пре 22 дана
The polite summer medicinally handle because cemetery objectively lighten failing a beautiful underclothes. subsequent, grubby gruesome profit
myflock 2.0 myflock 1/2
myflock 2.0 myflock 1/2 Пре 22 дана
oh yes indeed ur vodka well definitely help with whatever u said! 😉
Shubert McWilbur
Shubert McWilbur Пре 22 дана
I got one of those bottles displayed in my kitchen. It's probably what summoned the sasquatches here.
James DeWees
James DeWees Пре 22 дана
It’s hard to find,other than the regular small versions, in my home state of Ohio
sexylazercatwizard Пре 22 дана
The Navajo thought they needed to live where Buffalo had just left because of spirits. Idk if they made more sense
Captain Frankenstein
Captain Frankenstein Пре 22 дана
jon making jokes about the rock the rock:releases his vodka next year
dylan Lindley
dylan Lindley Пре 22 дана
Did he say Plano texas?
samdecam Пре 22 дана
Im getting redlettermedia vibes with the first person scene and the webzone comment.. I love it!
kieran brentnall
kieran brentnall Пре 22 дана
Wtf why was unsubscribed
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