Soulja Boy Makes A Video Game Console - JonTron

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Jon Jafari - Himself
Magical Living SouljaGame - Sergio Emilio Torres
I'm tired - Yes I am
Jon Jafari - Director/Lead Editor
Mike Shayne - Director of Cinematography/Post Production
Andrew Reynoso - Editor/Production
Melanie Licata - Costume/Prop Designer
Sergio Emilio Torres - Production

Bradley Wilcox
Bradley Wilcox Пре 17 сати
Still one of my favorite Jon tron videos lol
Jeffrey Adami Drums
Jeffrey Adami Drums Пре 19 сати
3:52 4:52 5:12
MontayneCD Пре дан
He Soulja a bad product!
Good Oki
Good Oki Пре дан
Still waiting for the console to show up
Carter j Alward
Carter j Alward Пре дан
The Johnny Boy
Kill Switch Gaming
Kill Switch Gaming Пре дан
Hand rope hole is for people who want hold it around their wrist and that is the hole jon
Diced Meat
Diced Meat Пре 2 дана
Now I wonder if Jontron was able to make it to the party
Introvert Airways
Introvert Airways Пре 4 дана
Not gonna lie I would buy a JonTron brand cat. I might even consider some JonTron salsa.
Norma Cordova
Norma Cordova Пре 4 дана
Why are you scared other RSpostrs already did it nothing happened to them, you are a pussy
Aidan Hardesty
Aidan Hardesty Пре 4 дана
I watched this same video like 6 months ago and I swear this isn’t the same video
Kareem The PHB
Kareem The PHB Пре 5 дана
called dropshipping
ArdentShadow Пре 6 дана
Quick tip if u use a strong magnet u can get the security tag off. YESSSSSS I know it was posted a long time ago
R'lyeh the Dead
R'lyeh the Dead Пре 7 дана
Lowkey playing that Deus Ex soundtrack in your Express VPN ad... I see you
Jacob Sims
Jacob Sims Пре 7 дана
I've watched so many of your videos and know I just realized I forgot to subscribe.
Polog Capalot
Polog Capalot Пре 8 дана
Depopa Пре 9 дана
hes smart, he teamed up with china. no copyright laws lmao
Cystal_Link Пре 9 дана
Is it there yet
maria rosa
maria rosa Пре 10 дана
But did he ever get it?
Hacking Guest
Hacking Guest Пре 11 дана
Drinks cola in jontron*
Mr. Jostur
Mr. Jostur Пре 11 дана
Sometimes when Jon makes a joke, he can mistake something and get confused, or he'll think the joke's funny enough to try and say it anyway. It's not that it's hard to understand what joke he's making, and it's workin' for'im, but it just...I dunno, it always bothers me when something like this happens: 4:44 Jon. _The things the website is listing are types of cables._ *You listed file extensions.* _Jon, please..._
Accurate Man
Accurate Man Пре 11 дана
you can take those tags off with just a strong magnet
Zach Burkhart
Zach Burkhart Пре 12 дана
jontron rapping sounds vaguely like ray barone
TrojanFlame Пре 13 дана
Yes but remember he also made the danish
Franco Fernandes
Franco Fernandes Пре 13 дана
Soulja Boy is playing with forces he can't deal with. I'm not fucking around, Nintendo has sent people to fucking hell just for copyright. What are they even gonna do with him? He's fucked. That's it.
Franco Fernandes
Franco Fernandes Пре 9 дана
@[deleted] kinda disappointing.
[deleted] Пре 9 дана
they sent him a cease and desist so he stopped selling it thats it
Gabriel The Memer
Gabriel The Memer Пре 13 дана
Uh guys? 5:00
adolf hitler
adolf hitler Пре 14 дана
I approve
Whiz Пре 14 дана
“Nintendo ain’t gonna do shit”- Soulja Boy
SS Productions
SS Productions Пре 16 дана
Yo jon! Did you ever get those consoles yet from soulja boy?
Daniela Carrera
Daniela Carrera Пре 17 дана
The website is not working anymore lol
Mister likeable
Mister likeable Пре 17 дана
Funny every time
Sime Arsov
Sime Arsov Пре 18 дана
It's a shame that he got released early from prison...FOR HAVING AN ILLEGAL WEAPON, not because he committed a major fraud. God forbid I download an illegal copy of Rammstein, I'll serve more prison time.
Gael Huerta
Gael Huerta Пре 18 дана
Dam he spitting fire
SkittleXero Пре 18 дана
One hit wonder becomes Nintendo's bitch. Then copy and paste gets hit with copyright infringement. In the end Nintendo cranked what little money dude got left. In the famous words of Red Forman "Dumbass."
Atomic Austin
Atomic Austin Пре 19 дана
Anyone still waiting on the console preview
numbblackpicture Пре 19 дана
Magnet... a simple magnet.
Ikouy Bolt
Ikouy Bolt Пре 19 дана
I somehow came from the LPL video in regards to that tag...
dino nuggets
dino nuggets Пре 20 дана
Thank you for making danish, I love eating danish. I guess the pastry is pretty good too
Pacey Mashburn
Pacey Mashburn Пре 20 дана
Sarah Messenger
Sarah Messenger Пре 21 дан
Dude with the vpn I saw that battery charge that phone!
Miles Edgeworth?
Miles Edgeworth? Пре 22 дана
while I was watching this video, I got an ad for Google stadia when jon was talking about the cheapness of the console.
john 95
john 95 Пре 22 дана
DO NOT RAP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aniq Raziq
Aniq Raziq Пре 22 дана
Randomly Relatable
Randomly Relatable Пре 23 дана
He is money laundring
Nora Braswell
Nora Braswell Пре 23 дана
Soulja pods😂
Oatmeal Пре 23 дана
Can we get confirmation that the pants you bought were fine Jon?
John Bucki
John Bucki Пре 23 дана
By the way, with those tags if you have a strong enough magnet you can release it.
Max Johnson
Max Johnson Пре 21 дан
Two years late, but good idea
Mewing Spider
Mewing Spider Пре 23 дана
This scared me because I am actually watching this on a kindle fire 6:54
Media Pool
Media Pool Пре 23 дана
Great Video!
Daniel lieberman
Daniel lieberman Пре 23 дана
God that record scratch at the beginning was so damn funny
ufta Пре 24 дана
whens the spotify comin out
Fishtank Person
Fishtank Person Пре 24 дана
Souljaboy was on twitch I told him how the off brand Nintendo's going he banned me from the chat
Martin nitraM
Martin nitraM Пре 24 дана
Just discovered your videos. Hilarious!
King Goose
King Goose Пре 24 дана
Why didn't he name it the *Soulja boy*
Hammy Burgers
Hammy Burgers Пре 24 дана
Don't implicate me in your piracy endeavors.. 😅
Derek Dominic Fernandez
Derek Dominic Fernandez Пре 24 дана
Soulja boy vs nintendo who do you think will win?
Derek Dominic Fernandez
Derek Dominic Fernandez Пре 18 дана
@[Nerdy Alien] yeah i vote nintendo too
[Nerdy Alien]
[Nerdy Alien] Пре 19 дана
Well considering that his website was stripped from the internet I'd say Nintendo won this battle hands down
Streamin Demon
Streamin Demon Пре 25 дана
this feels like it was so much longer ago.
From Finn
From Finn Пре 25 дана
kimochi warui
kimochi warui Пре 25 дана
he made the Danish
Epic mann
Epic mann Пре 25 дана
i'll take your intire stock
Serene Addicoat-Bower
Serene Addicoat-Bower Пре 26 дана
He sounds like mike wazowski or ham from toy story or maybe Mr potato head
Oscar Wind
Oscar Wind Пре 26 дана
Me: Is this a scam? Soja boy: Yes Me: I'll take your entire stock
Aidan Shaya
Aidan Shaya Пре 26 дана
Souljaboy bootlegged a bootleg
obnoxiousLisper Пре 24 дана
I like your profile picture
Kayla Kramer
Kayla Kramer Пре 26 дана
lance stewart
Wosp Пре 26 дана
I haven't take care the kids
Tasty Jason
Tasty Jason Пре 26 дана
Soulja boy was selling more expensive and worse versions of 30 year old consoles with roms on it that are free online
NortheeK Пре 26 дана
He's that kind of guy who lied that Gta V is built in on a Game Boy mIcro Like Handheld
Jason Cunningham
Jason Cunningham Пре 27 дана
People should watch this video, then watch the MuchDank video, perfect combination
Aquariacom Пре 27 дана
This was entertaining to watch.
bobby joe
bobby joe Пре 27 дана
I really want to know what happened with his pants
Tshiamo Hlongwane
Tshiamo Hlongwane Пре 27 дана
Retroman 86 Productions
Retroman 86 Productions Пре 27 дана
Best 10 buttholy minutes of my life
Aykrai Пре 27 дана
he can play on it in jail
Hugo Leonardo Amaral
Hugo Leonardo Amaral Пре 27 дана
Basically he started a dropshipping business. I can see that Shopify template from a mile away
Miles Dusett
Miles Dusett Пре 28 дана
And now he streams
Nowa Ottsel
Nowa Ottsel Пре 28 дана
Advertisement at the End of the Video. Well done, that's how it should be
SpaghettiFools Пре 28 дана
What comes after T? Uhhhhhhhhhhh U!
Ewan Ayres
Ewan Ayres Пре 29 дана
The biggest scam is goop
Rasmus Jessen
Rasmus Jessen Пре 29 дана
Damn right Jon made my country
Regő Józsa
Regő Józsa Пре 29 дана
So did Jon ever get his Soulja delivery? I really want to know if there's any updates to this
Scout Trooper 1
Scout Trooper 1 Пре месец
Souljaboy is subscribed to memeulous
Lasse Vestergaard
Lasse Vestergaard Пре месец
You made the Danish? Truly an honor, Jon
Eleojo Audu
Eleojo Audu Пре 12 дана
All Dansk are JonTrons Børn
Buffidoo Пре 16 дана
Hej lasse
Scratch squirrel
Scratch squirrel Пре 22 дана
@P1F4R ok
Snoopy Пре 22 дана
As a Danish person I can confirm he created all of us
P1F4R Пре 22 дана
69th like
Tertius Vorster
Tertius Vorster Пре месец
But john does it run on atv or ktv
Jami Nanik
Jami Nanik Пре месец
Holy crap, this was a year ago? COVID isolation hittin' my sense of time pretty hard
Ethan Cox
Ethan Cox Пре месец
It was almost two years ago actually
Bremarcle Пре месец
Is that handheld a revo k101?
Nintentional Пре месец
This is the best video out there
AIO inc.
AIO inc. Пре месец
JonTron is too nervous to show ROMs on RSpost? But he did it not that long ago in the plug and play- Oh that was a while ago now wasn't it
WHY YOU CAME Пре месец
But what happened next?
Rithrius Пре месец
I think Soulja Boy was one of those kids who grew up with an Old Game Philip and said to himself "I can improve this."
John B.
John B. Пре месец
Hey atleast it works compared to some other celebrity things like Goop....
Petrovic Productions
Petrovic Productions Пре месец
100 years later my ears caught the fact that the background music was a jingle version of crank that😂😂😂👌
An Angry Goat
An Angry Goat Пре месец
I have a wire that goes from a headphone jack to rca for some reason
Super Mario Bro’s
Super Mario Bro’s Пре месец
Nintendo probably said crank this ceased and desist to Soulja
The Jew
The Jew Пре месец
The "Soulja my boy" joke is gold
That_Horror_kid 9008
That_Horror_kid 9008 Пре месец
I really do apologize but whenever I hear silicon valley all I can think of is Watch Dogs 2
Jesper Rathsach
Jesper Rathsach Пре месец
Guess i'm from JonTron now
Remmi Пре месец
i miss this year so much
King Boi
King Boi Пре месец
will not show the games but will show romsmania nice
Fat fluffy Bunny
Fat fluffy Bunny Пре месец
I hope he made the money back by ads lmao
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