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Sticky Steve
Sticky Steve Пре 6 сати
Yeah. Being true to the Bible is a good thing. The pilgrims and Puritans didn't celebrate the pagan festivals of Christmas, Easter, New Years etc
Scarlette Foxx
Scarlette Foxx Пре 23 сата
Jamestown 'mysteriously disappeared' but some people think they just joined the native Indians/native Americans
Quacklebush Пре дан
Yeah I heard of Jamestown... and it wasnt the first English colony either.
de noah SQUAD
de noah SQUAD Пре 2 дана
Jontron just y you bullly de nederlands
Kaleb Hernandez
Kaleb Hernandez Пре 3 дана
What song is used in 8:22?
Microwave go Mmm
Microwave go Mmm Пре 5 дана
BluePuppyStudios Пре 5 дана
Why should we believe anything you say?
Drake Roten
Drake Roten Пре 5 дана
JonTron could literally talk about bottled water and be funnier than 95% of RSpostrs
Drake Roten
Drake Roten Пре 5 дана
Great video, but wtf were yalls schools on? Im in Louisiana, which if you dont know, is like 49th in education, and ive heard of just about all of this in school
mr manatee
mr manatee Пре 5 дана
I sound weird like clanker with a hard r
Kay Volkers
Kay Volkers Пре 6 дана
SnkrheadArt Пре 6 дана
Jon take a dna test i bet your part dutch
Bernd Bernd
Bernd Bernd Пре 6 дана
Leiden is german for SUFFERING
Safey Smith
Safey Smith Пре 7 дана
Not to spoil the buzz, but the story of Jamestown is really quite epic. It was a little like the establishment of an Empire, that kept growing. Sadly the real story cannot be properly told because too many left wingers and natives will get butthurt by it. But to put it shortly, the first settlers were equally (and perhaps more so) exploited by the Powhatan confederacy, especially during their starving time. Those original settlers were in the process of abandoning the New World as a result, when Delaware and 500 equivalents to English conquistadors turned up and proceeded to lay a serious ass whooping on the Powhatan confederacy, who frankly deserved it by this point. Today’s world cannot handle this version of the story however. The Powhatans paid very dearly for perceiving the English as weak and treating them thusly... so that, when Delaware arrived, there was no mercy for them, for they had already committed many heinous crimes against the English. It is not surprising how the English responded, when they had the power to. And as we all well know... To the victor, goes the spoils. If you poke a nest of bees, you better be able to withstand their sting. The Powhatans made war on some people that were not f@cking playing! Sorry, I realise this inappropriate for this particular video!!!
Eric Cook
Eric Cook Пре 7 дана
the deal of Plymouth Rock from what I was told at least I've seen it myself so I know what you mean about how small it is and being down in that ditch but I guess the situation was people kept stealing chunks of it and it got smaller over time and it was starting to disappear so they did this pretty much to make it so it wouldn't disappear so the rock is technically bigger it's just that people's houses
Matthew Ernst
Matthew Ernst Пре 8 дана
Its the USA religious freedom origin story
Eliot Villasis
Eliot Villasis Пре 8 дана
Right after the ad for raid shadow legends, there was a sponsorship for raid shadow legends... This comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends!
Cooper Tebay
Cooper Tebay Пре 9 дана
Me I’ve heard dumb ass all schools learn to that
Still can't think of a name
Still can't think of a name Пре 9 дана
7:20 I dunno, sounds like America to me
Adrian Sowma
Adrian Sowma Пре 9 дана
HOW DARE THEY hate Dutch I’m Dutch but I don’t speak Dutch. I would like to learn Dutch though
Undyingfire _368
Undyingfire _368 Пре 9 дана
I love JonTron history videos. That shit it dope and I wish he would do more.
CrystalSuicune Пре 12 дана
I learned about Jamestown and actually went there on a school trip since I live in Virginia and I always thought everyone knew about that turns out Virginia is weird
Divine Feminine Queen
Divine Feminine Queen Пре 12 дана
Ice Is my name
Ice Is my name Пре 12 дана
In Virginia we go to James town for a field trip
Mads Andersen
Mads Andersen Пре 13 дана
I just got the JonTron warpath ad on a JonTron vid with a JonTron Raid ad
Florian D.
Florian D. Пре 13 дана
Fun fact: Leiden, when translated to German, means 'to suffer' and apparently means 'to lead' in Dutch.
nathan sfarcioc
nathan sfarcioc Пре 13 дана
Jesus know wonder america is a mess XD
LegionCommander Пре 13 дана
They drank flavor-aid not kool-aid at Jonestown
microwaved chocolate
microwaved chocolate Пре 14 дана
If only Jon tron was my teacher.
psycho social
psycho social Пре 16 дана
I looked all this up, and have to thank jon tron for me passing my exams
A Literal Pie
A Literal Pie Пре 16 дана
This is the only channel that I accept raid shadow legend's ad
Would love it if you did more history stuff
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion Пре 18 дана
Wait i must ?
Vikovitch Пре 19 дана
“Its in the top 3 best rpg games!” Well, what are the better 2?
velazquez armouries
velazquez armouries Пре 19 дана
Oh yes the pilgrims those dutch weirdoes that escaped england for to be able of being intolerant without repercussions
Nerdy Vids
Nerdy Vids Пре 20 дана
I think that my 5th grade teacher watched this video because one of the first things that he tought us in history was Jamestown
Yusef Harb
Yusef Harb Пре 21 дан
This dude is kind, he reversed him saying okay google so nobody else's google switches on... Because thats what heroes do
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas Пре 21 дан
Dakota Johnston
Dakota Johnston Пре 22 дана
Jon Tron come back
Amara Пре 22 дана
Why does jon look like wilbur soot in his 40s
Insanity Пре 22 дана
Fuck Raid: Shadow Legends. They're literally the worst advertisers. So limiting and put a lot of restrictions. Not to mention the fact they say they don't pay "influencers" because they only go to people who genuinely like the game... Which is complete bullshit because one youtuber literally read the entire contract in a video because of how shit they are
Ryan Irey
Ryan Irey Пре 22 дана
It's funny and all but I learned all this and like third grade I guess different education though
SAM'S GAMING Пре 23 дана
Im here to say only this, this channel, is the only channel that i've known, that treat sponsors, like a king... Quality sponsored section, make me download it..
Beach looking Guy
Beach looking Guy Пре 23 дана
Plymouth rock? more like 'pet rock'
Xerox Hero
Xerox Hero Пре 24 дана
I love history with Jontron
Adam Kearbey
Adam Kearbey Пре 24 дана
Dis dude smart
Phil Protheroe
Phil Protheroe Пре 24 дана
These days, Covering the "ok google" is the most generous thing a content creator can do. This mans a legend.
Gun Owner
Gun Owner Пре 25 дана
disparaging defunct religious group and cultural icon, sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends
UseOvenMitts Пре 26 дана
Fucking puritans
Roman Kirienko
Roman Kirienko Пре 26 дана
drunk PLYMOUTH rock. you gonna DODGE him. Best car pun I've ever heard
Edward S
Edward S Пре 26 дана
I love you Jon, but you can be pretty fucking stupid. We learned about Jamestown at least 3 times, in 4th, 8th, and 11/12th grade, and that’s if you don’t take any history electives.
Kilroy Was Here
Kilroy Was Here Пре 28 дана
Ha, joke's on you. I already knew most of this because I was homeschooled
Kryptic_Skunky Пре 28 дана
The rocks really disappointing, don't come here to massachusetts just for it. But plymouth plantation is really fun
The Jack of All Trades
The Jack of All Trades Пре 29 дана
I’m from Bolton MA and ya Plymouth ROCK is lame but the TOWN Plymouth is AWESOME! Definitely a tourist attraction but cool none the less!
invisible fan
invisible fan Пре 29 дана
First permanent english settlement/colony in the americas was in james virginia The first colony/settlement was set up in roanoke, North Carolina, though it would eventually collapse due to it not doing so well.
Yuppi Пре месец
Having followed americans from the other side of the pond for a good while, this origin story kinda makes sense. Best regards from Finland, the people who Lovecraft called worse than italians or even n****** in America. Yup, he did actually say that.
Doctor Doggo
Doctor Doggo Пре месец
Hot take: thanksgiving and the pigrims are northern propoganda to understate the souths contribution to the united states I added this because fuck you yanke
Another German Mapper
Another German Mapper Пре 26 дана
You ok? I can’t tell if this is irony or not.
Christian Torelli
Christian Torelli Пре месец
i learned about jamestown VA but i did not know that is where the pilgrims were going
Fanf_foxy_piper529 Пре месец
I saw this and I was like Am I in school again
bruh ihioh
bruh ihioh Пре месец
I learned about Jamestown and Roanoke
zimmerlicker Пре месец
come on JonTron, time to do some more videos:-)
GRRsRosevestisLove Пре месец
Please do more history stuff, this is fucking hilarious
Denham Pearse
Denham Pearse Пре месец
Jon is like that news reporter from horrible histories
ZORAfilms Пре месец
1:39 imagine he fucked up that scene and had to put new food in front of him and redo the shots all over again.
ᴍʀ-ʜᴏʟʟᴀɴᴅ Пре месец
Please don't ever stop making fun of the Dutch, it's absolutely hilarious. Greetings from Holland
YungHitNit666 Пре месец
Fuck jonestown
hicjam gat
hicjam gat Пре месец
As a dutch person this is very funny XD
little bigdragon
little bigdragon Пре месец
I've finally figured out some of the lore after rockington left he grew up and became Plymouth rock that's why john feels sorry for him but since it's been so many years john dosent recognize him
TF:Bad Bush
TF:Bad Bush Пре месец
In virginia we learned about Jamestown and Yorktown more than the pilgrims lmao
Chance Greene
Chance Greene Пре месец
We miss you jontron
James Watt
James Watt Пре месец
We learn about Jamestown in school and college in the UK. Both in younger years and our exams too.
Oldwhale401 Пре месец
1:00 ad skip.
Chase Ayen
Chase Ayen Пре месец
Jamestown is what we learned about for all of 5th grade
Tidal Пре месец
I kid you fucking not my mom once told me in order for me to not want to drink kool aid that “There was a time when a ton of people drank kool aid and all died”
Tidal Пре месец
@Zhanna Reich I mean yeah
Zhanna Reich
Zhanna Reich Пре месец
technically she's right on these two points. They drank kool aid. They died little later.
Jasmine Biedler
Jasmine Biedler Пре месец
The only reason why I know all this is because I’m Canadian. You forgot to mention that when the people landed in Jamestown, they were like “Well f this! We actually have to grow crops and do actual work to survive! Nah, we’re not doing that.” Then, they basically starved until John Smith came along and helped implement systems to help them survive and help them ration their food so they wouldn’t starve when winter came. But they were like “Ha! F this guy! We don’t like being told how to survive!” So they tried to kill him and failed, but he had to go back to England. (John Smith didn’t marry Pocahontas, a different John did. Then the John who married her brought her back to England after marrying her when she was 16, and she died a year later.) Then they were like “Ha ha! Bazinga! Now we can eat all the corn we want!” They basically ran out of corn a quarter way through winter, and they sucked at hunting, so they didn’t have any food. In order to get meat, they killed their horses and many other things to eat. That also includes killing a 14-15 year old girl by stabbing her in the head a few times so they could prepare her for a meal. When they were done with her they put her bones in the trash cause they didn’t want to burry her. They also ate people who had just died, and when they actually got desperate, they dug a few people up from their graves and ate them. There’s more, but I don’t feel like writing it. P.S, the Plymouth Rock shown isn’t the real thing, they just found a random rock to use as a representation and were like “Look! Big rock! Let’s build a cage around it!”
NOT PSGAMIN278 Пре месец
I am from Virginia and the schools used to go take us to see Jamestown, and we learned a lot about Jamestown
Betty TheFrootLoop
Betty TheFrootLoop Пре месец
Okay so I'm from Europe and we literally learned this whole story in middle school. So now I'm sitting here with a big wtf face because apparently Americans THEMSELVES aren't taught that like, dude, you know smth is wrong when kids across the world know more bout ya history than you do. I get it, the pilgrim fairytale sounds better, but at least the adults should learn the whole story at some point
Teddy Custumz
Teddy Custumz Пре месец
I think kids would actually learn if JT was a teacher
00 skullummox 00
00 skullummox 00 Пре месец
5:22 wait hold up i know pilgrims history all that shit but JONTRON'S FUCKIN HITCHED?
DJ Melville
DJ Melville Пре месец
My Shit
My Shit Пре месец
Jon, don't blink if your in danger
BEANORATOR2600 Пре месец
I actually did learn about Jamestown when I was in elementary school alongside learning about the pilgrims
RED SPARTAN 656 Пре месец
Fun fact: there was no Kool aid in Jones Town it was "flavor aid" an off brand replacement.
DutchBeard Пре месец
Fuck you too JonTron!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Пре месец
6:23 this is killing me 😂
XtremexStudios Пре месец
Didn't people vandalize that rock a few months back trying to be "woke/angry" about BLM as if it had anything to do with BLM to begin with and then threw a few statues in the river as if that was setting a good sentiment to their cause when in reality made them look like monsters.....
skidand pump
skidand pump Пре месец
I learned about Jamestown in fifth grade .-.
VinLea Gaming
VinLea Gaming Пре месец
DonPeyote Пре месец
Nikosaurus 42
Nikosaurus 42 Пре месец
Ok so short version the pilgrims travelled.
maxthedog Пре месец
John forgot about what happened in Jamestown is that the people converted to cannibalism
Geeking Solo
Geeking Solo Пре месец
In two hours will be my birthday. And the only thing I really want is a new Jontron episode... Is that so wrong?
Dat Gamer Wolf
Dat Gamer Wolf Пре месец
I would love to see Jon talk about more history
Ephraim Steinberg
Ephraim Steinberg Пре месец
At 7:28 why didn't they just use FLEX TAPE??
johnny 44
johnny 44 Пре месец
I was actuslly taught james town in school was no one else?
Etnn_ Пре месец
i fkn love red : shady lemons
Trust me I’m A Plague doctor
Trust me I’m A Plague doctor Пре месец
The dislikes are the Dutch people who got offended
Retrac Пре месец
Plymouth Rob
Tylor Smith
Tylor Smith Пре месец
We don't learn about jamestown because everyone fucking died there like three times over, it was a terrible start.
Tylor Smith
Tylor Smith Пре месец
You ever worn wooden shoes?
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