Star Wars Battlefront with Friends and Fans!!

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Пре 5 година

Games, promotional and other consideration provided by Walmart.
Star Wars Battlefront Available November 17th at Walmart. Go to to get the game now!

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Пре 17 дана
Wait. Wtf is this lmfao
Peter Meyer
Peter Meyer Пре месец
That was the first time I've seen Jardonuan standing up in a video. Impressive.
Ridley369 Пре 5 месеци
Battlefront 2015 was one of the best games ever, and it was so much better than the new "Battlefront 2". It's heartbreaking that the PC servers for the game are dead and unplayable...
Cat Face Man
Cat Face Man Пре 26 дана
Xbox servers are still live and happy :D
Brisky Buisness
Brisky Buisness Пре 6 месеци
Much better than the second one
Giran 0
Giran 0 Пре 6 месеци
I wonder what the girl in the beanie is doing now
Sir. Gamer
Sir. Gamer Пре 6 месеци
Empty Chairs
Empty Chairs Пре 7 месеци
Idk im the only one but does anyone else feel like they've never seen this video before? Like I'm deadass I've never once seen this fucking video on the channel and years later I finally see this wedged in between Titanic and food games. This has never been here yet here it is wtf
Godless Munky
Godless Munky Пре годину
gay shill
Hellbound Angel
Hellbound Angel Пре годину
1:48 shout out to whoever was trying to use the CA-87 (a shotgun) to shoot down a tie fighter XD
Dean Foster
Dean Foster Пре годину
I like how the girl was terrible, women shouldn’t play games
Bryson White
Bryson White Пре годину
Nothing like casual sexism to start the day
Prankster TV 2
Prankster TV 2 Пре годину
Tim Fosler
Tim Fosler Пре годину
Jontron is free to watch. Here's a list of things that aren't free: 1. Food
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Пре годину
Little did they know how Star Wars Battlefront II would turn out.
Cat Face Man
Cat Face Man Пре 26 дана
It turned out great.
Tusken Reader
Tusken Reader Пре годину
I wish I was there. That must have been hella epic.
Captain Lukas CT-6942
Captain Lukas CT-6942 Пре годину
A shit ton of youtubers vs jontron A Star Wars story
Ron Glowczewski
Ron Glowczewski Пре годину
Wow, JonTron's Walmart doesn't suck shit like mine.
afelias Пре годину
Apparently people didn't like Jon doing a paid promotion but like, it's still an entertaining video. Jon still worked his own charm on the concept, and even if the game was disappointing in the end, he tried his best.
jayvhon calma
jayvhon calma Пре годину
Other gamer: No! Jontron: See ya hahahaha 😈
Lucas Russo-Weatherly
Lucas Russo-Weatherly Пре 2 године
If your from the future like me you know that star wars battlefront sucks
planetrob555 Пре 2 године
It's Daaaaaaaddddyyyyy! haha.
Guccicurry Пре 2 године
I love how jon just destroys most of these people
Pyro fox gaming
Pyro fox gaming Пре 2 године
Jon will show no Mercy
Mr Sir
Mr Sir Пре 2 године
Jardon and Jontron playing star wars together? It doesn't get much better than this
Riko Пре 2 године
Jontron disrespecting whemen
Saeid Radder
Saeid Radder Пре 2 године
Amd then battlefront 2 came out...
tigerraven And co
tigerraven And co Пре 2 године
wait what a meet and greet I'd fly from Australia to meet you
CrazyJaxon06 Пре 2 године
Dang 2015 times were SCARRYYYYY
Thomas Lardinois
Thomas Lardinois Пре 2 године
Sitting down and playing Battlefront with you, Jon, would be a dream come true!
Peter Sivazak
Peter Sivazak Пре 2 године
Love you Jon. Can't say the same about this game.
Snuz Пре 2 године
God this game sucked dick.
Chocolate Пре 2 године
0:30 you soulless creature
MrXemrox Пре 2 године
Playing the premier at the store with all that you expect to be available, buys it for real, everything that was available in the version you've played are now locked up behind the Paywall. Would not surprise me if EA does that dirty trick with a third Battlefront, makes you think the full version is available, but trick you into thinking everything you expect to come with the game to be already there and not locked behind a Paywall, but gets you when you actually buy, everything you played at the store is not available with the purchased version.
uwuimdoombug Пре 2 године
When are you gonna make more videos
Wils The Limit
Wils The Limit Пре 2 године
It’s funny that the game is crap
Nick Пре 2 године
Sybato Пре 2 године
This is really cool for the fans that could play with him but the content is otherwise lacking the "Jontron" flair
미경이 Пре 2 године
Why is your Wal-Mart so pretty like honestly, where's the homeless people?? Where's the unintelliagable stains on the ground? Where are the screaming kids?
Strive Indigo
Strive Indigo Пре 2 године
It's sad how people act like this type of content takes up his whole channel. I rarely see him do sponsorship videos like this.
Juan Salsa
Juan Salsa Пре 2 године
how did captainsparklez get here?
Coffee Break
Coffee Break Пре 2 године
pls moar
DakkaNoms Пре 2 године
1:10 Cute excitement mini-spasm
DakkaNoms Пре 2 године
also leiaaaa I just wanna taaalk
Loko Пре 2 године
2:35 is that captain sparkles?
Zichi the Fox
Zichi the Fox Пре 2 године
Love ya Jon. Hope you're doin' ok. This comment isn't getting read unless someone likes it.
Robert Logic
Robert Logic Пре 3 године
Gonna be a BF2 video? Lol.
Jacob Wilfojac
Jacob Wilfojac Пре 3 године
was anybody else disappointed with the battlefront reboot?
Chuck Testa
Chuck Testa Пре 3 године
Why was Jordan "Minecraft LP episode 10,000" Maron the most interesting part of this video?
AlexADK Пре 3 године
Wait so people are angry because jon put an ad in tbe vjd or something? JUST STFU AND WATCH THE VIDEO
AlexADK Пре 3 године
My lord and savior has uploaded a video! Jesus is back!!!!!
BlueDreamKush23 Пре 3 године
Is Jon a sellout?
Tristan Пре 3 године
wait, was splitscreen actually a thing?
RaZe Gorky
RaZe Gorky Пре 2 године
Yep and it's in battlefront 2 too seems most people forget about the local multiplayer in modern games...
Reiven76 Пре 3 године
am i the only one here that noteced the fact of the chick playing with jon didnt knew what the fuck star wars was all about? xD
IceBryker Пре 3 године
2:38 2015 CAPTAINSPARKLEZ!!!! (Also Jon.)
Longshot Пре 3 године
In actuality, the game is shit
Dragonz Agra
Dragonz Agra Пре 3 године
Hassan AlBalushi
Hassan AlBalushi Пре 3 године
This gave me some classic Game Grumps vibes.
Rgx Rgx
Rgx Rgx Пре 3 године
2017 anyone
kingskeletron 444
kingskeletron 444 Пре 3 године
o my god my two favs sparklez and jon playing the same game together
Phantom Filming
Phantom Filming Пре 3 године
And then the year 2017 came and Battlefront 2 was being developed.
xyz Пре 3 године
go back to game grumps
Oi man
Oi man Пре 3 године
It's only selling out if you dislike the product you're endorsing. Why am I even saying this, this was almost 2 goddamn years ago.
Broken Warhead Studios
Broken Warhead Studios Пре 3 године
Jon you should play risk of rain I want to hear what you think of this game because I like it I wonder if you would like it
SteadyRhythms Пре 3 године
Poor Jon had to go to a trash store to play a trash game. It's a good thing he got paid for it, I'm still not sure if money is enough though...
Noel Пре 3 године
Where I'm from we don't even have a Walmart. So is Jon a fucking cheap sell out? Yes. Did he go through hard times without food? No probably not considering he's still overweight. Does this make him a bad person? Maybe a little, yes. Will he go to hell? Probably not since there is no hell. But it is not fair to see Jon as a holy saint fighting the evils of corporate 'Merica, man sold is soul cheap to Walmart, get over it, he's a comedian and he eats a lot so he needs his money.
Comey's Curtains
Comey's Curtains Пре 2 године
hans zimmer Actually, the cheapest food you can buy in America today is the most fattening and unhealthy due to corn subsidies. So his weight is more likely an indicator of American poverty than American wealth. This isn't sub-saharan Africa with no access to food or clean water if you're not rich.
Lumpy Пре 3 године
go back to game grumps plz
Cody Hines
Cody Hines Пре 3 године
A year and a half later, whose laughing now?
Cody Hines
Cody Hines Пре 3 године
1:14 Cisco Ramone?! Shouldn't you be in Central City working with the Flash?
PARANOYD Пре 3 године
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth Пре 3 године
Star Wars Battlefront is a game that tries to be both like the original Star Wars Battlefront games and also just Battlefield with a Star Wars theme and fails at both
octangula !
octangula ! Пре 3 године
I'm jelly
ceo of clowns
ceo of clowns Пре 3 године
Little did Jon know, the burger effect would happen By the way the burger effect is when a game has so may DLCs ad expansion packs its like a burger with insides or pizza with toppings.
alZiiHardstylez Пре 3 године
Title should be changed to "When JonTron Has No Creative Control".
eike widdau
eike widdau Пре 3 године
starwars storefront
Enoro Пре 3 године
Okay... This video almost convinces me that the game is good... if I hadn't seen the truth
Salty Пре 3 године
is this game even alive still?
Peter Connaghan
Peter Connaghan Пре 3 године
Never seen this channel before but Andy Warski said some good things about you so here I am.
Olaf Brunson
Olaf Brunson Пре 3 године
It's too bad this game is REALLY boring to me. I tried reinstalling it and playing it again but uninstalled it after 2 matches.
Yuuzinho Пре 3 године
Canal nostalgia ingles
*FlipFlop* Пре 3 године
I like the emporor
B Minus Ian
B Minus Ian Пре 3 године
I disliked when I saw fuckin stacyplays
Randysaurus Пре 4 године
JonTron and CaptainSparklez... gr8 m8
Macc Пре 4 године
Too bad it's a game without any content...
Eric B.
Eric B. Пре 4 године
That's weird. The best sound design of our time? I mean Battlefront is a lot better than Battlefield, but I don't really care for DICE's sound. Like yeah, it's epic and "immersive", but it's literally just like white noise ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Every sound comes from every direction all at once and it literally sounds like just holding your head underwater.
Goods Van Productions
Goods Van Productions Пре 4 године
2:35 Hey it's another famous RSpostr
Reno Behnken
Reno Behnken Пре 4 године
See the problem here is, it doesn't show them playing online where they die constantly.
The Miami Man
The Miami Man Пре 4 године
The game sucked
RuffleRaven INC
RuffleRaven INC Пре 4 године
Notice how even then, Jontron noticed how broken, unbalanced, and mediocre EA's Battlefront is. Especially in hero battle.
mase lane
mase lane Пре 4 године
"i know its going to be so good"... rip
wolfdwarf Пре 4 године
I didn't dislike the video because JonTronShow has apparently """"""""""soldout""""""" (ehemehem which is bullshit), I disliked it because the game sucks.
Archive Пре 4 године
So, apparently making a sponsored video is being a sellout? You work FOR MONEY???? SELLOUT
Creaky Freakster
Creaky Freakster Пре 4 године
That one guy looks like captainsparkelz... Is he?
Khona Sidious
Khona Sidious Пре 4 године
I Just realized people are shitting on him for Making this video, while I'm sitting here like : Holy shittt what a nice guy he did a meet and greet and hung out with the fans!
Blinkster93 Пре 4 године
idk why but i like battle front. Despite its flaws.
Turtle Slayer
Turtle Slayer Пре 4 године
I love it how he said starting November 17th but the video was uploaded November 18th 😂😂
R U Sirius
R U Sirius Пре 4 године
I'm a simple person, I see Star Wars Battlefront, I watch the video. Overused meme is overused.
R U Sirius
R U Sirius Пре 4 године
James Moore
James Moore Пре 4 године
SonicGamer ...Whooo GamingSins confirmed.
Bernardo Пре 4 године
SonicGamer 1+ sin
Vtmgll Пре 4 године
ok people, I dont have a problem with the adds, my problem is when he puts on a new persona, saying nice things and standing next to people, a situation that usually makes john unconfortable,(c'mon! john making a selfie video?) he CAN drill his videos with adds, but not being john is my problem. COME AT ME BROS.
Vtmgll Пре 3 године
you actualy need to TRY to take my words out of context to get this interpretation. so, I think you're trolling me.
The Classy Spy
The Classy Spy Пре 3 године
"saying nice things" so you think john is a bad person?
D0NTST4RT Пре 4 године
0:36 damn that girl's cute!
Iji Modo
Iji Modo Пре 4 године
How many people asked you to call them Arin?
Cleyton Raphael
Cleyton Raphael Пре 4 године
quem + veio pelo o Edu?
Fortkaine Пре 4 године
To this kind of videos and "entertainment", here in Argentina we called them "CHIVO". It means goat. No kidding, it means goat
SebUballe Пре 4 године
so this is how jon tron became a bitch
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