Goosebumps: PART 1 - JonTron

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Пре 7 година

Jon revisits R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series for halloween!
Shane Gill for Lil' JonTron Head Splat:
Keanu Modeseven Jones for JonTron Logo:
Michael 'Michafrar' Azzi for Halloween Intro Animation and Pixel Art:
Jerrod 'JerryTerry' Waters for Halloween Intro Theme:
Chris Niosi for filming and help:
Nicole Rodriguez for filming and help.

Shawkon Пре 14 сати
So his mom told him that he cant move his room to the athick but who's bed is it then
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson Пре 15 сати
i think the only moment ever that scared the shit out of me in this tv series was the werewolf one. In that abandoned house that was across the street from the kids aunt and uncle's place when the two werewolves came out and it going into a first person view on the window. him going oh wow then they just popped up out of nowhere and i jumped and threw my drink all over me
Grumar S
Grumar S Пре 17 сати
9:53 who the fuck writes the loop of the "b" first?
Operator POOF
Operator POOF Пре дан
Although i wasnt born in the 90s i still watched the hell out of this show when i was younger and i was scared shitless but the slappy episodes
Sutton Dugan
Sutton Dugan Пре дан
Are we going to acknowledge that bob from schitts creek is one of the nurses and bomb disarmers
Kreuinos Пре 5 дана
I have a disk of goose bumps it was about the one where they were turned into dogs and the one where they talk to dead kids
Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生
Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生 Пре 6 дана
7:15 anyone else hear Caravan by Rush? (2:50 in that song)
Nicholas Fitzpatrick
Nicholas Fitzpatrick Пре 7 дана
I wonder how much footaage of Don Cherry ranting about Russians and French Canadiens had to be edited out of this
Pratham Kataria
Pratham Kataria Пре 8 дана
Make a game dude..
The Fandalorian
The Fandalorian Пре 10 дана
7:54 Am I the only one who thought this looked like Will Smith?
Queen B
Queen B Пре 10 дана
Don't have an imagination Don't think for yourself And DEFINITELY don't question the authority of a powdered wig wearing German judge with a vaguely British accent? 🤔 GOT IT! 😄👍
KingAzreal Пре 11 дана
I remember I bought the bees book from the school library and never returned i lost the book.. But I red the whole book in 2 days 😭
Nitokris, The Blackpilled
Nitokris, The Blackpilled Пре 13 дана
Ahhhhhhhhh?! Ahhhhhhhh.
carol mccarthy
carol mccarthy Пре 13 дана
I wish I could forget that show... Jon it is not as good as your large book collection
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 Пре 14 дана
oh hey annoying jon ad before this
Francisco Galhetas
Francisco Galhetas Пре 15 дана
Bro he's not in trouble, he's clearly in Germany just look at the flag behind the judge
Movie Mayhem
Movie Mayhem Пре 15 дана
poopchute 92
poopchute 92 Пре 16 дана
Can’t believe this is 7 years old
Joeseph Joestar
Joeseph Joestar Пре 16 дана
Skizze Пре 17 дана
Lmao I missed these leftist and dissident jokes when I was a kiddo Good on you, Jon
No One
No One Пре 19 дана
I'm ashamed to say for the first time in six years I did not watch these and the Are you afraid of the dark videos on halloween
Jimbo Пре 20 дана
Return the slab
Ranbir Narula
Ranbir Narula Пре 20 дана
episode: don’t go to sleep me watching at 1 am: ok
Sam The Lego Man
Sam The Lego Man Пре 20 дана
The coach sounds like Joe Biden
Retro Wizard
Retro Wizard Пре 20 дана
11:30 so many truths!! Just sayn
Retro Wizard
Retro Wizard Пре 20 дана
Whowho this new york yidish?
Peter S
Peter S Пре 21 дан
What happened to that guys face?
Daniel Пре 21 дан
here i am re-watching this because Jon's late for Halloween again
Lusy Hognaston
Lusy Hognaston Пре 23 дана
The scariest books (in my opinion) are the living dummy stories, a shocker on shock street and monster blood 1. Those are my favourite stories so is the Headless ghost, piano lessons can be murder, the cuckoo clock of doom, attack of the Jack-O-lanterns, revenge of the garden gnomes, the barking ghost, my hairest adventure, vampire breath, the werewolf of fever swamp, the haunted school, I live in your Basement, don't go to sleep, the blob that ate everyone, the beast from the east, how to kill a monster, give yourself goosebumps a night in werewolf woods, give yourself goosebumps escape from the carnival of horrors, give yourself goosebumps the knight in screaming armour, tales to give you goosebumps number 1, the girl who cried monster, calling all creeps, the scarecrow walks at midnight, ghost camp, ghost beach, why I'm afraid of bees and a night in Terror tower.
Lusy Hognaston
Lusy Hognaston Пре 23 дана
The beast from the East was just weird anyway, there is an animal in it with a squirrel's head and a German Shepherd's body.
Lusy Hognaston
Lusy Hognaston Пре 23 дана
Hello Jontron, if you like the Goosebumps books and show, you should watch the film, Jack Black is on it, it has a twist and R.L Stine makes a cameo appearence and Danny Elfman wrote the music for it.
Black Ice
Black Ice Пре 23 дана
"WHERE AM I, WHAT AM I?" -neil breen
Black Ice
Black Ice Пре 23 дана
Gooosebumps was the best show ever made for kids, in canada
Counterbalance of Power
Counterbalance of Power Пре 25 дана
I miss Jon doing Halloween, it was always the best. :(
Michael Camarena
Michael Camarena Пре 26 дана
Me and my brother just used to watch this show and laugh at the shitty acting 😂😂😂 good times
Neil Pun
Neil Pun Пре 27 дана
Pitbull has a podcast. That is all
Bri K-pop
Bri K-pop Пре 28 дана
At 7:14 harry potter spell 😂👍 (I think)
Cartoon Clips
Cartoon Clips Пре 29 дана
I wish he’d do more Goosebumps
user05011984 Пре месец
It's that time of year again 😈
Logan Nicolosi
Logan Nicolosi Пре месец
Anyone from 2020 still alive
juicy ham 44
juicy ham 44 Пре месец
I'm watching this on the spooky day of October 31st
Hayden MacWhinnie
Hayden MacWhinnie Пре месец
I watch this every Halloween
Chimp Champ
Chimp Champ Пре месец
Annual tradition at this point
NotAlwaySnacks Пре месец
I miss the Halloween specials.
Hazardous Пре месец
7 years later, still gold
Akuello The Judge Of Gods
Akuello The Judge Of Gods Пре месец
Plot twist Matt is a reality warper and they were all too stupid to clue in on the fact he obviously didn't realize (which telling him would like be suicide with how rude they were tho tbh lol) 10:42-10:50 and if it were me personally I'd destroy their entire organization along with any god hierarchy that exists Well first question them then destroy them if they're fools like probably all gods
Traivss bar
Traivss bar Пре месец
Skilled Dragon
Skilled Dragon Пре месец
I want this intro for the next Halloween video
Prootzy Zoots
Prootzy Zoots Пре месец
That's just don cherry being don cherry
anull monkey
anull monkey Пре месец
Seeing say cheese and die at the start made my nostalgia go off
BIG BEN Пре месец
2020 October anyone
Grounded Пре месец
Show “Because your a midget” me “hey I do that to my younger sibling” also me “wait am I a terrible older brother”
Ye Biz
Ye Biz Пре месец
It’s been 7 years... damn
Sp1nelyss Пре месец
That hockey coach looks like Don Cherrys older brother
Christopher Szabo
Christopher Szabo Пре месец
Spookie scary skeletons
Annareli Morales
Annareli Morales Пре месец
ahahhaha the meds line got me
Hello and dont question my name
Hello and dont question my name Пре месец
*the first karen: spongebob* *the second karen: Goosebumps*
Will Lock
Will Lock Пре месец
It’s a tradition that I watch the goosebumps and are you afraid of the dark Jontron episodes on Halloween every time I watch the videos I’m always in tears of laughter
Jon Arbuckle
Jon Arbuckle Пре месец
*This is the video that started it all...the one that introduced me to a legend.*
Reg_ Tings
Reg_ Tings Пре месец
Gotta watch these vids every spooky szn it's tradition 🔥👻
zach stenquist
zach stenquist Пре месец
Nah man the kid must live in china or Russia (sorry if this offends you people in china or Russia) if you speak something the government dont want you to say your gonna them breathing down your back
Raheemation Studios
Raheemation Studios Пре месец
He predicted Social distancing
ejscorp Пре месец
0:29 I adore that pumpkin
quirky quokka
quirky quokka Пре месец
watching this in October 2020 didn't realize how long it's been since this video came out 🎃🎃🎃
TheNoid Пре месец
10:18 after all these years rewatching this video, I noticed why does the judge have the flag of Germany and Sweden? Did they just use whatever props they had?!
Narayan Dhakal
Narayan Dhakal Пре месец
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Пре месец
It's october again, can we get another goosebumps/ are you afraid of the dark thing please, they both were remade into a movie so it would be nice now
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Пре месец
Or courage the cowardly dog review
rkj lange
rkj lange Пре месец
Why does the coach guy remind me of don cherry
Eddie_Pk Пре месец
10:45 "Reality, who needs this sh*t? I hate reality."
Beastly World
Beastly World Пре месец
Let's face it the kid from don't go to sleep had it harder than we gave him credit for his mom was a f****** c*** and that was b******* to treat him like that givin his age!!!!!!
Beastly World
Beastly World Пре месец
@Aldo Van Dyck not my fault I was doing that whole talk to text thing it does it automatically
Aldo Van Dyck
Aldo Van Dyck Пре месец
why do you need to censor? it´s the internet dont puss out on basic swearing.
Magic Fish
Magic Fish Пре месец
Wanna see what court the founding fathers went through when they weren't happy with their reality
Robin Ashenor
Robin Ashenor Пре месец
10:10 Good morning, worm, your honor!
Huevote _
Huevote _ Пре месец
October 2020 is not so bad at least I can binge watch JonTron..again...for the 27th time...
Yuuki Takemoto
Yuuki Takemoto Пре месец
Nimbus Flamel
Nimbus Flamel Пре месец
what about flex tape 3?
SCP Пре месец
"are main export is campy children's harrar."
lenurple Пре месец
every halloween i come back to this
Rowan Mullen
Rowan Mullen Пре месец
The judge is just the Pink Floyd judge from the trial
Mariojinn2 Пре месец
It's the best time of the year
El'Lias Ortiz
El'Lias Ortiz Пре месец
the goat
Fly high.
Fly high. Пре месец
7:58 You can actually hear Jon's cry in the background of that scene.
Benjamin Menken
Benjamin Menken Пре месец
The goosebumps tv show is just a lesser version of the twilight zone.
Makena Snelling
Makena Snelling Пре месец
Who else thinks it takes a long time to make these videos because they need the bird to do certain things.
Shawn Пре месец
Can we just say how awesome these pixel animators are
Kotoran 360
Kotoran 360 Пре месец
It's nice to know he hasn't changed in 6 years...For better or worse.
Jay Watermore
Jay Watermore Пре месец
You gotta admit, these videos are timeless.
Weegeeman Xd
Weegeeman Xd Пре месец
It’s sad how we will never get a part 3
KingsIHeart Пре месец
Well Halloween is soon again sooo I'm here... Again
Kunisake Пре месец
Usually, the youngest child gets all the perks because they're mommy and daddy's baby
Nico The Bear
Nico The Bear Пре месец
Well it’s October again...guess it’s time for another JonTron Halloween Marathon
Heather T.
Heather T. Пре месец
Why is the flag of Germany and Brazil behind the judge on each side of him???
Joseph Falasca
Joseph Falasca Пре месец
And I mean Jon tron making these
Joseph Falasca
Joseph Falasca Пре месец
ahh I loved this when I was younger
Roman Lanslide
Roman Lanslide Пре месец
broke: Goosebumps TV show bespoke: R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour
Sad Toad
Sad Toad Пре месец
Adam Пре месец
Jontron is the best Halloween content
Lari_apple_sauce_ Pie
Lari_apple_sauce_ Pie Пре месец
When I was younger The goosebumps intro had almost made me poop my pants for some reason
Owen King
Owen King Пре месец
This is my hocus pocus
SmashBros1235 Пре месец
Fun fact one of the men in black is played by Anthony De Longis who played General Earl Serrano in Bulletstorm.
Steve Holmes
Steve Holmes Пре месец
I watched this show on netflix and enjoyed it so much. Then they took away all the seasons except for one. It saddened me, but now i have this to watch instead. And oh boy is it better than the show.
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